Coin Master – Tips and Guidance to play Game!

Coin Master Game is wholly based on attacking other people village. I surely say you love to play the game because it has few lovely characters which help you to entertain and lots of beautiful items also include in the game. One more thing, Viking king attacking other people village to get coins. You always remain aware of enemies and keep every time tools with them from any mishappening.

Tips to know

1. To Know about Game Main Menu – If you play the game the very first time. Your first work always opens the menu contains which you find on the top right-hand side of the dashboard. Like play and buy coins and spin, these all option you will find in-game menu. Besides this, we may get a different type of spins.  

2.  Spend Currency wisely – gamers need to know that there are two types of currency in the game and then spend them on more useful tasks and activities.

3. Always avoid Storing your Income – you never store your income in the virtual world, because if you save the income, you lose almost everything. You should always spend all the coins when you receive because we can’t know about enemies when they came, so we spend the money on different tasks.

4. Raid! – You always keep the feature in your mind every time. Raiding is the most useful way of earning free coins to attack more villages and take some items from enemies until you are satisfied with your coins.