Simple and Easy Techniques to Get Xbox Live Gold Codes


There are numerous methods to earn live gold codes. You only have to find out the best methods or ways to get these gold codes. Therefore, here in this post you are going to meet with various ways by which you simply make use of xbox live as well as gold codes. Before the same one should know that the Xbox console is present in 3 types. The first is the original Xbox console, second is Xbox 360 and the last one is Xbox One. All, these Xbox consoles are having different features and they all are easily available in the market and on many online sources also.

Easy techniques for getting Xbox live gold codes

Below are the main techniques or ways present by which gamers easily have to earn free Xbox live codes. So, all users should know about them properly and then make their proper use to get lots of Xbox live gold codes –

  • Use a free trial cards which are for selected games – Well, it is the best method to earn live free gold codes in Xbox. Users have to make use of the free trial cards which are present for various games.
  • Watch free weekends – It is one of the best methods to earn free live Xbox gold codes. One should know that Microsoft simply allow the players to get live gold codes by playing in weekends.
  • Microsoft rewards – Also, it is also a simple way to earn live gold codes easily. Making the use of Microsoft rewards is the best option to collect a good amount of Xbox live gold codes.

So, all these are the best and classic methods or techniques by which you simply earn lots of xbox live gold codes. The more and more you make use of all the ways and techniques which are mentioned above, the easier it become for the users to get live as well free xbox live gold codes.


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